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Information about the healing meanings of Stilbite is included with purchase, as well as a pamphlet about the metaphysical meaning of stones & how to use their energy for healing.

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Stilbite is a powerful mineral that is part of the zeolite family.  It was named in 1797 by Jean Claude de la Métherie from the Greek word “στιλβη” or "stilbein” or "stilbe" because of its mirror-like, pearly or vitreous luster.

Stilbite Meaning of Healing

Stilbite is helpful in all kinds of metaphysical work - Free info on meanings and how to use with purchase - Free shipping over $60.

Stilbite is a stone with a loving & supportive vibration that enhances creativity & intuition. Additional Stilbite meanings include the following:

  • helpful in all kinds of metaphysical work
  • grounds spiritual energy
  • helps to manifest intuitive thoughts into physical action
  • gives guidance, protects you & maintains physical contact during spiritual journeys
  • helps you to access upper spiritual realms
  • helps you to connect & receive guidance from spiritual guides, guardian angels & your totem animals
  • enhances creative energy
  • heightens physical senses
  • associated with your Heart, Crown & Throat Chakras
  • can be used for scrying
  • treats brain disorders, removes toxins, strengthens ligaments, laryngitis & loss of taste

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