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Some kind words from our fantastic customers!  We hope you like our products and service as much as they do!

I think this is the third review I've done for Diane and Nature's For You and guess what? Each one has been great! I've never been disappointed, I've never had any complaints. You get what you order and you get it quickly. Thanks Diane for your consistent quality.

Jane (Ontario, Canada)

Mrs. Diane, Happy Easter I loved my orders received great products awesome energy very strong medicinally charged merchandise. Authentic and valued! Happy Spring I will order again soon.

Shakira (Ontario, Canada) 

Hello Diane, all the way from California, I just want to you write and thank you for your package. I have received this order today and I am very pleased, I have used it in a post of mine on Google+. Everything was top notch and better than what I had expected, I appreciate it very much; especially the high grade ceremonial tobacco. Anyways, hope all is good and thank you very much!
Jarrod (California, USA)

Thanks for everything.  Your personal service is tops in my book. Doing business with you feels more like exchanging messages with a friend.  You're very kind.  Look forward to ordering more incense from you.Enjoy your evening,too.  Warm regards, 

Gregg (Nebraska, USA) 

Thank you very much for you quick reponse and amazing service. I was a bit afraid that the smudging supplies would not ship today (it did), as it is a gift for natives that I am going to meet in Hawaii next week.  I will spread the word around about your store :) 

Guillaume (Quebec, Canada) 

I was pleased and amazed beyond my expectations with my order and I believe when someone goes above what is expected they should hear about it. THANK YOU. You have definitely gained some extremely happy customers in us, and I can't wait to show off our new items to our friends. Thank you once again Diane!! 

Jason (Alberta, Canada) 

This is my second time ordering from your shop and I just want to express how much I appreciate your items, The stones you carry are so high quality and are such a great price compared to other local shops. Thanks so much for having incredible customer service, I plan on reviewing my last order soon :) I’ve recommended you to so many people I think I’ve lost count!

Jenna (Nova Scotia, Canada) 

Thank you so much for your quick response and delivery!! I love all of your products!! Your prices are extremely reasonable too! I love that I'm able to track my shipment! Everything about my first experience with your company has been amazing and fun!! I'm so excited waiting for my products to arrive!! This is like having Christmas in July!! I will definitely share my experience with your company!! Thank you so much for an amazing experience!!

Kim (Florida, USA) 

Love the product. Great price. Seller is standout! She really cares about her buisiness and clients and I feel like I made a new friend. Five stars!

Gerald (British Columbia, Canada)

My order was perfect, exactly what I needed. The service was amazing, the speed of arrival was timely and all in all I'd recommend this site to anybody who needs any form of crystal or similar! 100/10!

Ben (Nova Scotia, Canada)

I recently did an online search for crystals and found Nature's For You. I spent time taking in the products and the helpful info. Great product quality, info, prices, resources and fast delivery, but the best part of the experience was the personal nature of the owner, Diane. She adds a touch of heart to all she does, and it can be felt. She loves what she does and this makes a difference in the energy of the transaction. I have found my online source for crystals and smudging supplies. Very grateful for her well organized and informative site.

Lynda (Ontario, Canada)

 Hi Diane, I can't wait to receive this order! I was so pleased with my last order and I promise to write some glowing reviews!! Warmly,

Cheryl (New Jersey USA)

Just the Right Size - I rarely write reviews on any online purchase...but this is an exception. This was my first time buying crystals - ever- I had such a great experience. All the crystals I purchased came just as imagined, the right size, color and texture. Not too polished and perfect like a manufactured product, it looks like a piece of rock - rough and rugged and pretty. Especially the amethyst! Even the envelope the crystals came in was impressive - handwritten and personalized - like the seller actually appreciates the customer and the purchase. Overall, I will be purchasing more crystals in the near future.

A Very Happy Customer 

Hey! We have received the package today and we loooove the crystals!!! Thank you so much :) We will be recommending you to anyone, and if we ever need more crystals/stones we will definitely be purchasing them from you again. Thank you for all of the included information about them. We highly appreciate it. Hope you have a great day! Kind Regards,
Darren and Rebecca (Florida, USA)

Hi Diane, you probably read emails like mine all the time:) but I just received my first order from you and I have to properly say thank you! All the stones I ordered are so beautiful and full of light and positive energy!! recently I've needed a really good place to buy all of my favorite things (crystals, jewelry, incense, etc) but I never expected to actually find one! so I just wanted to tell you you really made a difference in my life:) thanks!!
Ali (Utah, USA)

Diane, Thank you so much for taking the extra care and attention with my order, and most of all thanks for the special gift you included with my order.  I have so much gratitude when I receive my orders from you; I do feel as though the rainbow has touched upon my shoulder :) You are such a special person and the joy you bring is inspiring. Have an awesome day Diane. With gratitude and blessings,
Janet (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Diane: Thank you so much!!!! I didn't even get a chance to respond to your email and my parcel was in my mailbox! Best service I have ever had! And you are so kind and caring I will not only being using your site again when I need to order, I will be telling everyone I know about it. I hope you have the most amazing day and again thank you for the incredible service and amazing products. Take care, Namaste,
Leslie (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Diane! I just wanted to say how pleased I am to have gotten the order. These fragrance resins are lush, vibrant, and perfect for our ceremony! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Hope you're well and enjoying the fantastic fall weather up there. 
Cheers—and keep being fantastic! 
Aaryn (Michigan, USA)

Thank you so much for your kind email, Diane!  I have never received such a wonderful above-and-beyond business transaction online!  You are truly an amazing person, and I can tell by the way you conduct your business.  A million thank you's.  I will be ordering more from you soon.  My fiance will also be ordering from you in the near future.  I had my first crystal-healing experience from a few stones I picked up at farmer's market and am a believer!  I can't believe THEY ACTUALLY WORK. I sincerely appreciate your wealth of information and holding a web presence as a gateway to help heal the world and raise humanity to a higher level! : ) Thank you,
Cheris (California, USA)

Hi Diane :) I just wanted to let you know I received my package and I COULD NOT be more pleased. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Sincerest regards :) 
Brittany (Indiana, USA)

Hi Diane:  thanks so much for sending the rubies and for the extra Apache tear. I will be looking on your site again to see what new stuff is up and will prob be doing some more ordering next month.  You have very good prices. Thanks,
Barb (Illinois, USA)

Hello Diane, I am very much looking forward to receiving the crystals. I am very happy to have ran across your business, and very grateful for your service. Sincerely,
Brittany (Indiana USA)

Woohoo thankyou!!! Blessings and have yourself a wonderful weekend - what remains of it :) and please know i will be shopping with you again your customer service was exceptional!

Alissa (Ontario, Canada)

Hi Diane I received my order yesterday evening and of course I haven't tried all of everything but I am very pleased with what I have tried so far. I will definitely be ordering from you again when I finally run out of all my wonderful herbs. Thank you so very much. I'm very happy that I have found your site :)

Angela (Washington, USA)

Hi Diane, I just wanted to email and say 'thank you.' I cannot be more happy with my order. I would not hesitate to order from you again. Have a wonderful day,

Michelle (Georgia, USA)

Hi Diane, I received all of my goodies! I am impressed with the packaging, descriptions and overall quality - you are awesome. Thank you and I'll be back for more!
Claudia (California, USA)

Hi Diane, I just wanted to thank you for providing such amazing products and service. My order came today, (2 days earlier than anticipated), and I am absolutely thrilled with everyhing I got. They are all very beautiful. I was very surprised and impressed with the amethyst point pendant ...(oh my gosh, her energy is really something).  I will definitely be a return customer. Once again,  Thank you! I love them all. 

Violet (Ontario, Canada) 

Thank you Diane for taking the time to write me all this valuable helpful information.  When I am done working, I will check your website and decide what to get. Your reviewers really inspired me for how much your were helpful, and I agree with all of them.

Margo (Oregon, USA) 

Thank you so much, Diane! I was SO excited to find your site. I visited an acupuncturist yesterday ... she is quite intuitive and burned mugwort and suggested I do the same. When discussing this with my DIL she also recommended I look at some crystals and wait ... so I picked out three I LOVE and when I read their description they seem perfect for my circumstances. I really appreciate the information you're sending ... it will be VERY helpful to me. Sincerely, 

Ruth (Michigan, USA)

I just wanted to say how stoked I am I found your site! I have been researching stones for weeks now trying to find a place I trust and your site did just that. I'm so excited for my findings to arrive and you can count on me and all my hippy friends to be returning customers!  Thanks so much!  
Jennifer (Ohio, USA)

Hi Diane! I just received my order and I just had to email you with a huge THANK YOU!! All these stones are absolutely stunning!! I absolutely could not be happier with them!! Also thank you for putting in the pamphlet of extra info on stones and crystals- it's very informative!! Thank you again!
Kayli (California, USA)

Hi Diane, My order arrived yesterday. Everything is terrific! Excellent quality. Thank you again :-)
Andrea (Ontario, Canada)

Wow, Diane!!!! I am speechless! The package has arrived :) Thank you so very much for all the gorgeous gems and for the superbly wonderful gift. I totally love the blue kyanite. It speaks to me, as well as each of the gemstones. I love them so much that I'm afraid to open the packages not to "disturb" them. :) Each is so unique and marvelous. I am blessed to have found you :). I'll definitely return for more as soon as I can :) My best wishes, 
Simona (British Columbia, Canada)

Diane, I've just received my order! Thank you very much for the hematite!! Everything arrived in perfect condition and I am very satisfied with the quantities of mugwort! I was expecting less haha have a good evening and I am looking forward to ordering from you again in the future!!
Miguel (Ontario, Canada)

Diane, I received my order. Very fast shipping. I had a feeling it was going to be here today. I believe the crystals knew I needed them! I will definitely be ordering from you again. Thank you for the instructions, and the information about the crystals. Very helpful indeed. Smiles :) 

Lyntavia (Michigan, USA) 

Thank you! It is so nice to do business with you. I forget how I found your website. But I have enjoyed it. I'm glad that you're not some big company. :) I ordered these with my friend.  They are my first crystals. Some are his and I ordered some for a gift for another friend.  
Sydney (Missouri, USA)

Hello Diane, I wanted to say thank you so much for my previous order. I received it today and I was very happy with everything and the little note cards really made it easy for me to organize the items/know what they do. The entire transaction was very pleasant and I definitely wanted to say thank you :D I really appreciate the time taken to make the package nice and the time you take to speak to the costumer is really thoughtful. Sincerely, 
Tyneequa (New Jersey, USA)

Thanks for being sweet and was nice chatting with you as well. Too bad customer service people weren’t more like you. Friendly and to talk with a real person instead of an automated voice message.  Take care, 

Josephine (Wisconsin, USA)

Hi Diane, I’d like to thank you very much for you wonderful service and your kindness.  I like all of the tumbled gemstones in my order and will definitely continue purchasing from you.  I will recommend your store where ever I can.  Wishing you a wonderful and enjoyable weekend. Kind regards, 

Cheli (Ontario, Canada)

Hello Diane!  I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your very prompt response to my inquiry, thank you. I received my stones today, and they're lovely! Thanks much, 

Joann (Massachusetts, USA)

Thanks Diane I got my order today. Your customer service was well received. Looking forward to using my products. Take care. 

Latonia (Ontario, Canada)

Hello Diane! I received the package a few days ago. Very pleased with products and info. Thank you. Look forward to ordering in future. 

Tina (Massachusetts, USA)

Hi Diane! I just wanted to say thanks again for my amazing stones. I have been going through an intense time of stress and growth and needed some grounding and energetic help so the stones have done that and so much more already. They have powerful positive energy and every time I am stressed or feeling worn out I can feel them sucking out the negative energy and replacing it with positive energy, they are really amazing! So I just wanted to say thank you again because every time I use them I am so grateful to have them. Also thank you for the extra gift as well, your intuition is spot on.  :) Thanks so much, 

Melanie (California, USA)

Diane,  Just wanted to thank you for the Black Tourmaline stone - I will treasure it always. The sage came just in time to use at the World Peace and Prayer Day event in Wappingers Falls, New York. Thanks again, 

Tom (New York, USA) 

Thank you so much! I'm so excited to get my package :) And I will be recommending your site to all my crystal loving friends as well it's always fun to share great resources for healing tools and you are doing a wonderful service with such friendliness and heart.  Thanks again, 

Susan (Oregon, USA) 

Hello Diane, Thank you so much for being so courteous and kind - it was great to feel warmth and your great energy even in an email. I'm excited to learn more about shaman stones Ive already had an amazing experience with them and want to share with my friends. I will be ordering more from your site soon I need to add to my collection of healing stones - they are so helpful to me everyday :)  Thanks so much, 

Melanie (California, USA)  

Hello Diane!  My beautiful parcel arrived today in perfect condition.  The energy is amazing !!! Thank you !!!  Thank you for the precious little stone Turitella Agate !!! I love it !!!  With kind regards, 

Nina (Ontario, Canada)

Diane, I received my order today, and wanted to thank you for the extra stone. I will be recommending you to my friends, your service was fast and pleasant! Thanks again!  

Amaya (Utah, USA) 

Received my order today and am very pleased. Your prices are fantastic and the crystal sizes are big! I will be buying more from you! Thank you for great product and service! Have a great weekend!  

Carla (Georgia, USA)

Hi Diane, I wanted to let you know I received my package of love today and I'm so very happy with absolutely everything! :) The stones are even more beautiful in person and everything else is perfect as well. All the little information cards and information you provided were such a treat as an addition and you even added a very pretty piece of Fluorite to brighten my day even more, if it was even possible! I did indeed have my second Christmas after all and I want to thank you so much for all your wonderful items and making everything so special. I will be back for more :) Thanks again Diane :) Sincerely happy, 

Gisele :) (New Brunswick, Canada) 

Hello Diane, Thankyou for such prompt service, also the lovely, happy emails. Looking forward to reading the info included. Hope you have a lovely day Diane, Love and good wishes xx 

Derry (United Kingdom) 

Dear Diane - I received my order via mail today. I was excited to see the stones. Thank you so much for the Jade stone that you included as a thank you. I do not have Jade so it was the perfect choice. The little extra was such a nice surprise. That combined with my positive experience in ordering from you puts you at the top if my list if I ever want to order anything else in the future. Thank you again,

Kathryn (Ontario, Canada)  

Hello dear Diane - I received the beautiful stones and crystals yesterday. I love each and every one of them. They literally moved me, my eyes getting moist. Thank you so much. I will definitely buy more stones from you as soon as I can. The additional information that you included in the package it's also very helpful since I am a beginner at using crystals and stones for other purposes than just admiring them. Many thanks and best wishes, Peace and love to you,

Simona (British Columbia, Canada) 

Hi Diane! You're my favorite to buy crystals from online - just wanted to tell you. I'll send that money over ASAP. Thank you! 

Angella (California, USA) 

Hi Diane! Thank you so much for your help! I have just placed my order. It is great to see someone actually caring about customers these days. Very professional, I will certainly be back. Hope you have a great day/eve!  

Russ (United Kingdom) 

Just paid the shipping costs via paypal and will await the arrival of this gorgeous gift for my little girl! I chose this kit Best Crystals for Children over other ones as the info is very child friendly and relates to real emotions she feels and can identify. Love it, thanku!  

Lou (Australia) 

My wife and I are extremely glad to have found someone like yourself here in Canada. Your products look amazing and we can't wait to become a long time customer of yours. We are new to the art and healing properties of smudging, and we love it. Thank you once again!  

Jason (Alberta, Canada) 

Thank you, I have to say that I will definitely be ordering from you in the future! Great customer service, thanks so much!  

Brian (Ontario, Canada) 

Diane, I received the crystals already. 3 days, very impressive! Tommorow is my birthday, so this was an amazing suprise. The stones are beautiful, we will certainly be in touch, holiday presents for family, and more for my collection. Have a great thanksgiving!   

Nathan (California, USA)  

Thank you for the personal service, looking forward to my gifts! :) 

Sarah (Washington, USA)  

Thank you Diane I love the quality of your items also the positive healing energy that comes along w/each package.  

Diane (Kentucky, USA) 

I got my stones in the mail today! Beautiful pieces! Can't thank you enough. Will be buying again really soon! 

Jessica (Florida, USA) 

Diane!  I got my package today.  That was so fast!  I couldn't be more thrilled with everything.  Thank you so much!  I will be back, and I will be referring people to your site.  Blessings, 

Renee (New Hampshire, USA) 

Thank you so much for having a store with reasonable prices with great selection and service!   I can see no end to the growth of you business!  take care:)  

Shawn (Alberta, Canada) 

Dear Diane, I just received your shipment to me. I was so excited and opened it at once. Thank you so much for your nice and orderly way of packaging my order. It was so nice and the smell is so good even when I did not light it up. I tried it at once and it gives me a nice nice aroma in my room. Once again, Thank you and I was not wrong in choosing your company. I have a nice business and experience with you.  Sincerely yours, 

James (Alberta, Canada) 

Hi Diane, Thanks for shipping everything out so promptly! Really appreciate it. All the best, 

Melissa (British Columbia, Canada) 

Diane!!! Just received stones. O.M.G. they are BEAUTIFUL!  And they are also POWERFUL. I felt the vibrations through the package.  I will most definitely be ordering from you again should you have what I'm looking for.  The wife loves hers too.  Again- thanks very much for the high vibrating stones.  It feels good to know they came from a home that has love, good people, and high vibrating, enlightened people.  Namaste!  

Kori (Arizona, USA) 

I just wanted to tell you how much different I feel. Just more relaxed and it just helps so much. I was really surpised how much the stones and crystals were going to work. I just wanted to say thank you and I will never be without a stone. It makes me want to buy more and to spread the word to everyone I know. I hope to be a long term customer.  Thank You! 

Jessica (Arizona, USA) 

I received my package today yay!! Thank you so much I'm very satisfied!!! ;) thank you so much!  

Deshun (California, USA) 

Hi Diane! I received my order~ everything was perfect!  I love that you include info for each stone~ i do much the same thing for my jewelry. Thanks for everything~ especially the red calcite :) I'll certainly be back! All good vibes, 

Alexandra (Maryland, USA) 

Hi Diane,Thank you for your quick response. I am so excited to get my products. You have some wonderful things on your website, I am sure I will be doing more shopping in the future. Thank you, 

Jana (Washington, USA) 

THANKS Diane, My daughter Carter ordered the rocks. She is starting a rocks, gemstone collection. We liked yours cause they were beautiful and had the description. She is starting a journal to track her rocks- too cute! I am sure we'll be back to your site soon ;)) Namaste, 

Regina (Massachusetts, USA) 

I really appreciate you taking the time to do that, thank you! Again, thank you for being so accommodating. It's not everyday you get human interaction with an online purchase, its really nice. Enjoy your day :) Best, 

Lauren (New York, USA) 

Just wanted to let you know that I got the order - and thank you for adding the Blue Kyanite, that was very nice of you!  I allotted a piece of the Amethyst to my husband and he told me he did not have any nightmares last night and even though the dog can’t talk, I can tell his is working already.  Thanks again! 

Debi (Pennsylvania, USA) 

Thank you Diane! I really like your friendly attitude and it is wonderful to see that there still are warm and kind-hearted people out there! I will be recommending your store to my friends for great customer service! Many thanks to you and have a nice and pleasant coming spring! 

Joni (Finland)

Thank you for the gift Diane it means so much to me! I'm at a point right now where I feel lost. Your hospitality and awesome personality shows me there are still some great people in this world. I received the package today! Record time! Just wanted to say thank you and you have a loyal customer now!  

Zayda (Texas, USA) 

Hi Diane, The order I placed yesterday arrived this afternoon and I just wanted to write to tell you how blown away I am by how promptly you picked and shipped the order. Everything was so carefully packaged (and thank you for the little piece of blue kyanite -- it's one of my favourite stones these days). I only came across your site because I was searching for smudging feathers in Canada but I know I'll be back as I've barely looked at the other products you offer. I was in such a hurry yesterday to get the order placed, in fact, that I never even read your About page; I did that today and it makes me even happier to have found your site.  

Kitty (Ontario, Canada)  

Your site is amazing and full of info. Thanks! I appreciate your service too.  

Joan (Missouri USA)  

Hi Diane, Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! It is nice to see someone else in the world knows and appreciates customer service!  

Joan (Texas USA) 

I appreciate your business and look forward to more in the future. Thanks for such great prices!  

Lauren (Alaska, USA) 

Pleasure doing business with you ... I enjoyed browsing your Web site, very easy to navigate ... I will definitely be purchasing more items in the future.  

Chris (New Brunswick, Canada) 

I greatly greatly appreciate your services! Again, thank you so much! :-) Many blessings on you and your loved ones.  

Jontae (Arizona, USA) 

Hello Diane! Merry Christmas and Happy new year! :) Best wishes to you and your family! The herbs are amazing, the smell is like cream or shampoo. It is beautiful. Thank you! Best regards,

Veselin (Poland)  

Thank you Diane, I did receive the lapis lazuli and they are wonderful, thank you so much for your time. Love and energy, 

Okkanym (California, USA)  

Thank you for your quick shipping.  

Linda (California, USA) 

So glad I found your site! Well done! Fantastic Prices!  

Nicole (Ontario, Canada) 

Hey Diane, I received my package and the loose sage as well...thank you very much and I am very pleased with your service :) 

Melissa (Queensland, Australia) 

Thank you for the prompt handling of my order.  I am very impressed. 

Zule (Miami, Florida) 

yessssssssssssssssssss!!! Thank you, thank you Diane. I will follow every instructions you have in your pamphlet, from cleansing to programming my precious gem. Wish me luck. God bless us. 

Belle (New Brunswick, Canada) 

Dear Diane, the wonderful smudging feather just arrived today in best shape - I love it's energy as well as the energy of the tiny garnet you send along with. Thanks to you! Blessings and joy for you and your beloved ones, 

Karin (Ontario, Canada)

Thanks you for making it so easy for me to send my payment. Have a great weekend Diana. Love and light,

Lisa (Quebec, Canada)

Hi there Diane! Thank you for giving me an update on my order! I cannot wait for it to arrive. You have wonderful/mystical and magical things that you offer and I hope others enjoy them as much as I am going to. :)-Thanks again! 

Nicole (Ontario, Canada)  

Wow!! Thank you Diane! That is exceptional service. I am so impressed, and can’t wait to order again soon!!

Kate (Manitoba, Ontario)

Thank you thank you thank you – I so appreciate your support Diane, you are a lovely, caring person.  My warmest wishes to you, xox

Kerryn (Colorado, USA)

Hi Diane, I got my quartz today in the mail! I love it, and I'll definitely be ordering from your site again in the very near future! Thanks so much! Hope you have a great day!  

Emily (British Columbia, Canada)

Thank you so much for your kindness. It's rare and precious. I really appreciate. I will keep you posted as soon as I get the parcel. Take care, and thanks again for everything, 

Arthur (Florida, USA)

Hi Diane, Thank you for the quick and personal service!  

Cynthia (Wisconsin, USA) 

Thanks Diane! I love your stuff! I told a girlfriend about you as well and I believe she ordered a couple weeks ago! I'm sure you'll be hearing from me every few months! :) - and from the same nice woman - Thanks Diane! I was telling my friend what amazing customer service she'd receive which is not always easy to come by these days. Thanks for the coupon, I really appreciate it!  

Susan (Ontario, Canada)  

Hello Diane - I'm sooo happy I found your store!!!  Thanks so much for your quick communication. Have a blessed week and thanks again. Sincerely,

Wendy (Georgia)

Diane, THANK YOU for your wonderful gift! Nothing better could have arrived than that Fushsite! It was just what I needed in that exact moment, a true blessing. The other goodies are wonderful as well :)  Gracias,

Mia (Alberta, Canada)

Thanks so much for being so helpful!  I mean that, you’ve been amazing with customer service, and that’s what I do for a living, so I totally appreciate helpful and informative people.  I’m so excited to finish my bathroom with the Art in Iron characters.  I look forward to my order!  Best regards,

Karen (Georgia, Florida)

Done (email money transfer) - such a pleasure working with you and love the products and the personal service!  

Phay (Alberta, Canada)  

Just wanted to let you know we got the parcel, and how pleased and excited we were at our products...a special thank you for the gift of the garnet stone, I can't believe you chose that particular's my signature stone, I have several pieces of garnet jewellery - even my engagement ring is a wide band with garnets in it...long story there, but you've now added to my garnet 'legacy' was very thoughtful of you and much appreciated... I am looking forward to doing more business with you in the future...once again, thank you...Best and warmest regards, 

Anita (Florida, USA)

Thank you so much for your great service!  I’m looking forward to receiving the package.  Enjoy the rest of the summer!  Thank you, 

Yoko (Ontario, Canada)

Many thanks again Diane. I like your personal touch while doing business. Take care, 

Joy (Ohio, USA)

Thanks Diane!  My order arrived Monday and I'm enjoying everything!!!  

Gail (South Carolina, USA)

Hi Diane - I am so grateful to you for taking the time to do the write up for the essential oils and the chakra info! You are going above + beyond to bring quality service to your customers! When I was in bank marketing, I would have been sending you a two pound box of M+M's for providing excellent customer service!  You are a gem and I am going to be marketing your website at our Bazaar! Hope you get lots of biz for your products! 

Judith (Minnesota, USA)

I received my order and the incense and smudge looks and smells wonderful.

Sandra (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.  The quartz points you sent me make an amazing difference - lots of good energy. Mucho grazios,

Lina (New Mexico, USA)

Thanks Diane! My sister brought my order out to me to the beach today.  Thanks again for putting the hand-delivery together.  The cedar and sage bundles smell so-o-o-o great !! Peace,

Jenny (Ontario, Canada)

I appreciate the promptness of shipping!  

Nicole (Tennessee, USA)

I like the colors, the way that the light catches in the stones and how comfortable the Chakra bracelet is.  I haven't taken it off since it arrived!  

Patricia (Alberta, Canada)