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Information about the properties of Ulexite is included with purchase, as well as information about the metaphysical properties of stones and how to use them.

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Ulexite Metaphysical Properties

Ulexite is a naturally occurring fiber optic material. When placed on any printed surface, the rock's unusual optic properties will appear to lift images from the page, making them appear on top rather than through it. Yet this fascinating rock, when seen from the side, is not transparent at all.

Properties include:

  • brings things into focus on both the inner and spiritual levels
  • helps you to see things objectively and clearly
  • excellent for understanding the meaning of dreams and visions
  • shows you the spiritual path you should take
  • takes you deeper into the self
  • takes you to the root of a problem and points the way to resolution and solutions, especially when things seem to be getting out of proportion
  • helps you to empathize with others and be more compassionate
  • beneficial for meditation and relaxation
  • enhances visualization
  • dispels negative mental energy, especially when placed on your Third Eye Chakra
  • balances Yin-Yang energies and aligns the subtle bodies
  • stimulates your imagination and creativity, especially in business

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