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White Opal

Information about the meanings of White Opal is included with purchase, as well as a brochure about the metaphysical meaning of stones & how to use them for healing.

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Also known as Milk or Milky Opal, White Opal is the most plentiful & common form of Opal and is distinguished by its pale white or light body tone. As with any kind of Opal, it can sometimes reflect & display any colour of the spectrum but generally has much less vibrant colors.

Opal’s name comes from the Sanskrit word “Upala” which means stone, or precious stone & the subsequent Green derivative “Opallios” which means “to see a change of color”. The ancient Romans associated Opal with hope & good luck. There are endless varieties of Opal which range from fiery precious opal to the opaque common form written about on this page.

Opals were formed millions of years ago when a combination of water & silica flowed into spaces & cracks in the ground, gradually hardening & solidifying over time into Opals. Because of this quantity of water, Opal is a soft stone that can crack or chip easily & care should be taken when handling and caring for it.

White Opal Stone Meaning

White Opal has a fine and high spiritual vibration – Free info on meanings and how to use with purchase – Free shipping over $60.

Opal has a fine, high spiritual vibration that stimulates & enhances your psychic abilities & cosmic consciousness. A very protective, absorbent & reflective stone, White Opal has the ability to pick up thoughts & feelings, amplify them and return them to the sender. A Karmic stone, one of its lessons is to teach that “what goes around comes around”.

Other metaphysical healing meanings of White Opal include the following:

  • helps you connect with your angels & other spirit guides
  • enhances & stimulates your imagination
  • helps you to be original & creative, expressing your true self
  • can be programmed to make you appear unnoticeable when stealth is required
  • amplifies your personality traits &d brings negative characteristics to the surface for transformation
  • increases your sense of self-worth & self-esteem
  • helps you to see & realize your full potential
  • helps you to be spontaneous & cheerful
  • helps you to cope with life’s ongoing changes &d continue on your life path regardless of obstacles
  • instills a deep sense of hope & inner peace
  • intensifies emotional states & helps you to let go of inhibitions
  • calms & stabilizes your emotions, helping you to feel positive
  • helps you to explore & take responsibility for your feelings
  • can possibly make you feel scattered in which case you should use a good grounding stone at the same time
  • fosters an interest in the arts
  • associated with love & passion, as well as desire & eroticism
  • balances all of your Chakras
  • brings renewing energy to your Heart Chakra
  • thought to bring faithfulness & loyalty
  • brings happy dreams & prevents nightmares
  • often used for strong & safe dream work
  • decreases confusion & strengthens your memory
  • strengthens your will to live
  • treats Parkinson’s disease, fevers & infections, headaches
  • purifies the blood & kidneys
  • regulates insulin
  • eases childbirth & alleviates PMS
  • beneficial to the eyes 

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