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Zebra Stone

Information about the healing meanings of Zebra Stone is included with purchase, as well as a pamphlet about the metaphysical meaning of healing stones & how to use them.

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Zebra Stone is a combination of Quartz & Basalt occurring in a zebra-type pattern. It is also referred to as Zebra Agate or Zebra Jasper.

Zebra Stone Meaning

Zebra Stone helps you to have compassion and understanding for others - Free info on meanings and how to use with purchase - Free shipping over $60.

Zebra Stone helps you to have compassion & understanding for others, as it helps you see beneath superficial qualities. Its other meanings include:

  • teaches you that the eternal source of energy & love is always available to you
  • encourages you to stop considering failure as an option in life & taking action towards reaching your dreams & goals
  • helps you to stop "over-thinking" & enjoy life a day at a time & as it comes
  • protective & balancing
  • helps with self-control & mastering your thoughts
  • helps you to see both sides of an issue
  • aids in manifesting your desires
  • helps to stimulate the transition from the material to the astral plane during meditation & centering of the soul
  • very mood lifting & motivating
  • helps with depression & anxiety
  • ideal for grounding & centering during meditation & when doing spiritual work
  • very effective at protecting your aura
  • stimulates physical energy, provides stamina & endurance - a wonderful stone for athletes
  • overcomes laziness
  • one of the best stones for pain management
  • used in the treatment of bone loss & bone disorders including osteoporosis
  • helps with degeneration of teeth & gums
  • helps with dry skin, muscular spasms, heart palpitations & vitamin deficiencies
  • an excellent stone for athletes - helpful with stamina & endurance, stimulates physical energy

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