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Information about Zeolite properties is included with purchase, as well as information about the metaphysical properties of stones and how to use their energy.

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Zeolites are a family of over 50 different related minerals. They form where volcanic rocks and ash layers react with alkaline groundwater, such as shallow marine basins, and take thousands to millions of years to form. Natural Zeolites and rarely pure and usually contain a combination of minerals and quartz on a matrix.

Axel Fredrik Cronstedt, a mineralogist from Sweden, named “Zeolites” in 1756 after 2 Greek words – ζέω (zéō) meaning "to boil" and λίθος (líthos) meaning "stone". He discovered that when Stilbite was rapidly heated, it produced large amounts of steam from water that had been previously absorbed by the mineral.

From a collector’s perspective, Zeolites are some of the most beautiful mineral specimens there are.

Zeolites include the following minerals:  

  • Analcime family – Analcime, Pollucite, Wairakite
  • Bellbergite
  • Biktaite
  • Boggsite
  • Brewsterite
  • Chabazite family – Chabazite, Willhendersonite
  • Cowlesite
  • Dachiardite
  • Edingtonite
  • Epistilbite
  • Erionite
  • Faujasite
  • Ferrierite
  • Gismondine family – Amicite, Garronite, Gismondine, Gobbinsite
  • Gmelinite
  • Gonnardite
  • Goosecreekite 
  • Harmotome family – Harmotome, Phillipsite, Wellsite
  • Heulandite family – Clinoptilolite, Heulandite
  • Laumontite
  • Levyne
  • Mazzite
  • Merlinoite
  • Montesommaite
  • Mordenite
  • Natrolite family – Mesolite, Natrolite, Scolecite
  • Offretite
  • Paranatrolite
  • Paulingite
  • Perlialite
  • Stilbite family – Barrerite, Stilbite, Stellerite
  • Thomsonite
  • Tschernichite
  • Yugawarlite
  • Yugawaralite 

Zeolite Metaphysical Properties

Zeolites are believed to have powerful detoxification properties and are extraordinarily helpful for absorbing and removing toxins, whether in a person or the environment.

Zeolites have the following additional properties:

  • releases toxins including drugs and alcohol
  • supports you in addiction withdrawal
  • creates a protective field around your Crown Chakra
  • an excellent stone to use in Reiki
  • removes negative energy
  • brings in happiness in its place

In addition, each individual Zeolite has the metaphysical properties inherent to the mineral(s) it is composed of.

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