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Ceremonial Tobacco Leaves for Blessing & Offering, 7 grams packaged

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Sacred Ceremonial Tobacco Leaves

for blessing & offering

7 grams, packaged - product image is average amount of ceremonial tobacco that is in each package.

Buy Ceremonial Tobacco as a whole leaf

Sorry Whole Leaf Tobacco is currently sold out. More on order - expected week of December 7th, 2020.

Burlap pouches sold separately

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Ceremonial Tobacco is traditionally used for purification & as an offering to the Spirits.

Tobacco is a powerful healing ally to Native Americans who use it in prayer.  Use it for blessing and offering.

Use Ceremonial Tobacco over charcoal or scatter.

Not for internal use; not to be smoked.

Native American tradition is that each of the four sacred medicines was given to the First Nations people as a means of communicating with our Creator. Tobacco was the first plant to be received and as such is considered to be the most powerful of all medicines. Tobacco is followed by Sage, Cedar and Sweetgrass. It is sometimes thought that Tobacco sits in the Eastern door, Sweetgrass in the Southern door, Sage in the West and Cedar in the North, although these assigned directions may differ from First Nation to First Nation. Together this quartet works to establish a potent connection to the Creator and the Spirit World.

This ceremonial tobacco is Cigar/Fronto tobacco that is grown in Virginia and light fire cured. When we asked my supplier whether it was organic, the following was their reply: "Unfortunately, there aren't any farmers that sell organic cigar tobacco, but we do have a farmer who is trying it out this year. For some reason, it's easier for them to grow organic cigarette tobacco. The Light Fire Cured that you purchase may not be organic, but it is considered all natural as some farmers use a food grade pesticide on all natural tobacco, but absolutely never anything such as Roundup. Some farmers do practice organic farming/growing methods, but since they don't have the money to become certified, they can't claim that is how they do it."  

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  • 5
    Ceremonial Tobacco Leaves

    Posted by Reggi on 2020 Aug 26th

    Love this product! The smell is wonderful and strong. Have not offered it in ceremony yet but looking forward to using it.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by nehemiah dixon on 2020 Jun 25th

    Good product. Very friendly. Shipping was easy. Would buy again

  • 5
    cermonial tabaaco

    Posted by sally on 2020 Jun 22nd

    handled with such care I could smell you smudged the product first plus sent me a sleeping stone..... I wanted to give honor to those native Indians that once lived upon this plain....twice now I have been visited by an indian that wore a feathered cap seeing him through my third eye.....we on this side of veil are so connected to the spirit world...thank you for helping me in honoring our brothers/sisters.... Bless you Sally & a big thank you to you too!

  • 5
    Perfect for our needs

    Posted by Jose Lopez on 2020 Jan 18th

    The combination of both the tobacco and the pouches were perfect for providing gifts for visiting chiefs

  • 5
    very delicate but strong perfume, delivered in plastic bags though....

    Posted by mattiou on 2019 Nov 29th

    Tobbacco smells great, is soft enough to be pushed in a medicine bag without breaking it et has a true strong power when lit. I will be glad to honour close friends with this present

  • 5
    Amazing quality

    Posted by Sarah on 2018 Nov 9th

    The tobacco leaf is a really good quality and I will always be a returning customer.

  • 5
    Ceremonial Tobacco

    Posted by Melissa Burton on 2018 Sep 13th

    I was pleased with this product and the service!

  • 5
    Ceremonial Tobacco

    Posted by Muriel McMahon on 2018 Jul 15th

    Outstanding product and service. Will recommend to associates.

  • 4
    Ceremonial tobacco

    Posted by Karen on 2018 Jul 2nd

    I bought this tobacco as a gift and was impressed by the timeliness of the delivery, the freshness of the product and the "little gift' for shopping with you was an unexpected and totally appropriate surprise...