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Dendritic Agate

Information about the meanings of Dendritic Tree Agate is included with purchase, as well as information about the metaphysical meaning of stones and how to use their energy.

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Dendritic Agate Meaning of

Dendritic Agate is also known as Tree Agate. It has a strong connection with the plant kingdom and is a stone of abundance - both spiritually and materially.  However, as with all types of Agate, it works slowly and takes time to be effective. Other metaphysical meanings of Dendritic Agate are:

  • assists with introspection and self-discovery
  • gives you a wider viewpoint of the world
  • helps you to communicate and find peace with the earth
  • meditating with Dendritic Agate helps to improve your connection to the energy flows of the earth
  • deepens your connection to the earth and plant kingdoms
  • creates a peaceful environment – both inner and outer
  • helps you to be present and enjoy each moment
  • helps you to be centered during stressful or confusing times
  • brings stability and strength when you most need it
  • helps you to be persistent and see difficulties as challenges instead of problems
  • draws abundance and fullness to all areas of your life – including business and agriculture
  • keeps house plants healthy and encourages growth if you place a piece of Dendritic Agate near them
  • can be used to enhance the yield of crops
  • helps you to remain connected with your roots as you grow
  • opens and aligns your Chakras and heals dis-eases caused by Chakra imbalances
  • resonates with anything within the body that has branches – such as blood vessels, nervous and skeletal systems

Dendritic Agate also has the metaphysical meanings that are inherent to any form of Agate.

Agate Meaning

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