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Smudging Feather, Simulated Eagle, 10 to 12 inches

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Simulated Eagle Feather for smudging

Approximately 10 to 12 inches long (25 to 31 cm)

These smudging feathers are an imitation of a real eagle feather and are made from duck or turkey feathers.  Each feather is unique.  Besides using them for smudging, they can be used to write with ink.

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  • 5

    nicely packed

  • 5
    Smudging feather

    I bought my feather over a year ago and it has worked so well with smudging my house. The feather was also very carefully wrapped, so when it arrived it was in perfect condition. Thank you for the care you have used in mailing all of my items.

  • 3
    Simulated Eagle feather

    I was unaware that the Eagle feather was simulated and that is on me for not reading the full description prior to purchase. Having said that I will say that I was unaware that it was a simulated eagle's feather until I began submitting my review. It is well done and like the ad says does make a great and unique quill for old style writing. I do love my feather but will still keep an eye out for a genuine eagle's feather. Also I am relieved to know that genuine eagle's feathers are not being sold en mass on line. The proper way to receive a feather is as a gift from a true native, so kudos to Nature's for You in that regard.