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Smudging Feather, Duck or Turkey, 10 to 12 inches

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Smudge Feathers

These smudge feathers are made from duck or turkey feathers & are 10 to 12 inches long (25 to 30 cm).

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Smudge feathers from various birds have been used over time by Native American First Nations peoples for smudging rituals, ceremonies & decorative purposes.  It is their belief that the spirit and the gift of the bird remain with the feathers and can be called upon to help them.

Smudge feathers can be used with smudging herbs to clear a space of negative energy and when saying prayers to the Great Spirit. 

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Information about Smudging Ceremony

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  • 5
    Rick C

    Just wanted a feather and I made a good decision WARNING: cats like the feathers to

  • 5

    Works Great! Easy to use and it's Beautiful!