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How to Make Your Own Pendulum

A pendulum is a method for dowsing and can be any weight which is known as a bobber suspended by a string, thread or chain.

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How to Make your own Pendulum

Selection of gemstone, wood & metal pendulums for sale as well as instructions & materials for making your own - Free shipping over $60.You can easily make your own pendulum using all kinds of materials that are readily available or things that are special to you.

The best length for a pendulum is about 6 to 8 inches including the chain or string and the bobber shouldn’t be too light nor too heavy, about ½ an ounce is ideal.

The best shape for the bobber weight is something that comes to a point but even a round object will work, such as a wire wrapped stone or crystal or putting one in a metal cage. You can also use a small pendant or charm that is special & meaningful to you.

By attaching a chain or cord you have an instant personal pendulum!

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And did you know that you can even use your body as a pendulum! If you focus on using it as such, your body will act as a pendulum moving back and forth or side to side to give you yes or no answers to your questions.

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