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Laser Quartz

Information about the meanings of Laser Quartz Crystal is included with purchase, as well as information about the metaphysical meaning of crystals and how to use them.

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Laser Quartz Crystal Meaning

Laser Quartz Crystal is a type of Quartz point that is long and slender, gently tapering towards the termination with small, narrow faces. Often etched on the surface, they are similar to Lemurian quartz.

Laser Quartz is excellent for energy work and a powerful healing tool that should be used with caution. The energy of Laser Quartz Crystals are focused through the tip and they should never be randomly pointed at anyone and only used with clarity of intention.  Laser Quartz focuses, concentrates, and accelerates energy into a tight beam that acts like a laser.

Other meanings include:

  • suitable for psychic surgery
  • detaches energetic attachments, negative or inappropriate ties to other people, attitudes and emotions
  • can be used for targeted healing
  • dissolves and removes energy blockages
  • cuts away negativity of any kind
  • accesses Lemurian and Atlantian information
  • facilitates shamanic healing
  • provides a source of divine white light
  • focuses protective energy around yourself or others
  • opens all Chakras
  • powerfully protects both your aura and physical body

Laser Quartz Crystal Wands also have the metaphysical meanings that are inherent to Quartz itself. Read about the Meanings of Quartz.

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