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Phantom Quartz

Information about the metaphysical healing properties of Phantom Quartz is included with purchase, as well as a pamphlet about the metaphysical healing properties of crystals & how to use them.

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Phantom Quartz Crystals are smallish white or colored “ghost” crystals that is included within a larger crystal.  It almost looks like a reflection of a crystal within a crystal so to speak.

Phantom Quartz Metaphysical Properties of Healing

Phantom Quartz points the way toward growth - Free info on Metaphysical Properties with purchase - Free shipping over $50 Canada/USA

Due to its extremely slow formation, a Phantom Crystal has absorbed its knowledge & learning over eons of time.  Helping you to put the past into perspective, a Phantom Crystal also helps point the way toward growth & personal and spiritual evolution. Other properties include:

  • symbolizes universal awareness
  • stimulates healing for the planet
  • activates and/or enhances your healing abilities
  • connects your to your Spiritual guides
  • enhances meditation
  • facilitates accessing the Akashic Record, reading past lives & recovering repressed memories – all to help put the past into context
  • opens clairaudience – clear psychic hearing, the ability to hear things that are inaudible to the physical sense of hearing
  • helpful in overcoming stagnation
  • treats hearing disorders

Phantom Quartz also has the metaphysical healing properties that are inherent to any type of Quartz.

Quartz Metaphysical Healing Properties

Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet. Continue reading about the Metaphysical Properties of Quartz.

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