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Rose Petals

Rose Petals (Rosa canina)

Pink and Red Rose Petals for Sale

As the botanical name suggests, Rosa canina is a variety of climbing rose commonly called Dog Rose. This is the species included among food crops commonly grown in residential “victory gardens” to supplement the public food supply during World War II.

This species of wild rose is variety found throughout Europe, Asia and northern Africa. It is also cultivated as a garden ornamental in other temperate climates. The climbing habit of this shrub is aided by sharp, claw-like thorns that line its stems, a feature referenced by the common names witches' briar and briar rose.

It is this species that is depicted in European art and coat of arms designs to indicate heraldry. The dog rose is also found at the center of plaster ceilings as a symbol that what is spoken in the room will be held in confidence. (Look up the next time you’re in a lawyer’s office or court room that resides in an old building.)

The delicate flowers lend color, vitamin C and other antioxidants to teas, syrups, jams, wines and cordials. The petals are also infused in oil or alcohol for cosmetic use.

Our edible dried rose petals are a good source of vitamin C, add a colorful addition to tea blends, and you can buy dried roses to add color to potpourri mixes.

Dried rose petals have a good shelf-life and are easy to store. They have a history of being used to bring floral notes to a variety of culinary dishes. An easy way to do this is to grind your dried rose petals into a sweet spice mix, or use them to make flavored sugar. They can used in tea blends, usually in combination with other herbs and flowers. Dried rose petals are also added to soups and salads and make exceptional decorations for cakes and pastries. Infused in oil or alcohol, rose petals can be transformed into creams, lotions, colognes and perfumes.

Then, as now, the petals were used to make teas, syrups, elixirs and various cosmetic preparations.

Origin: Pakistan

Plant Part Used: Petals

Storage Tips: Keep in an airtight container away from direct light, heat and humidity.

Appearance and Aroma: Lovely red blossoms with a faint rose-like aroma.

Cosmetic Uses: Infuse in alcohol and glycerin to make traditional rose water, or oil or alcohol for use in making skin cleansers, soap, lotions and creams.

Decorative and Aromatherapy Uses: Add to herbal baths, potpourri mixtures and other herbal displays. Use dried red rose petals to add colorful accents to salads, soups, cakes and other foods.

Culinary Uses: Use in herbal tea blends. Dried rose petals add more visual appeal than flavor. Tea companions include lavender, chamomile and rosehips. The flowers may also be used in baked goods.

Industrial Uses: Various species of rose are used in the fragrance and cosmetic industries.

Flavor Profile: Dried rose petals are mild in flavor but pleasant. Pair with cornflower, chamomile, lavender and citrus peel.

Safety: Before making any changes to your diet you should always consult with your doctor, especially if you are pregnant, nursing or have existing conditions.

This information is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by Canada Health or the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Pink and Red Rose Petals for Sale