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Scepter Quartz

Information about the properties of Scepter Quartz is included with purchase, as well as information about the metaphysical properties of crystals and how to use them.

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An unusual form of Quartz, a Scepter Crystal is formed when a second crystal grows around a central base crystal rod.

Legend has it that Scepter Quartz was used as a symbol of spiritual authority and power in the ancient realms of Atlantis and Lemuria. It is said that their royalty carried wands and staffs with Scepter Quartz embedded in the crown of these tools. Legend also says that its re-emergence means powerful crystal energy coming to our present day.

A Scepter Quartz Crystal actually looks like a ruler's scepter; a rod at the base with a crown-like configuration on the top. It is believed that the clearer the point on the scepter, the stronger its ability as an energetic tool.

Scepter Quartz Properties

A very special crystal with unique uses and powerful energies, Scepter Quartz is an excellent tool for the transmission of directional energy and the channeling of high vibrations.

Scepter quartz makes an excellent meditation tool as well. The generating and amplifying of energies directed by Scepter Quartz Crystals allow for focused healing at the point of dis-ease and blocked energies.

Other properties include:

  • acts as an energy purifier and tunes into your individual frequency
  • can be used as an aura wand to cleanse and clear your auric energy
  • stimulates your aura, helping you to feel more energetic and positive
  • amplifies the healing energy of other stones and crystals
  • helps you to connect with the spiritual plane and see what really matters in your life
  • helpful in your search for the meaning and importance of life
  • balances all Chakras but has special affinity to your Heart Chakra
  • helps you to be true to yourself
  • supports you in regaining personal power and feeling more capable
  • assists you in taking responsibility for your life situation and making necessary changes
  • overcomes lack of motivation and procrastination
  • helps you to release anger, fear and resentment
  • stimulates creativity
  • an excellent manifestation tool
  • balances male and female energies

Scepter Quartz also has the properties that are inherent to any form of Quartz - continue reading about the Properties of Quartz.

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