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Information about Seraphinite metaphysical healing properties is included with purchase, as well as a brochure about the metaphysical healing properties of stones & how to use their energy. 

Seraphinite for Sale

Seraphinite is a type of Cliniochlore, a magnesium iron aluminum silicate mineral that is part of the Chlorite group of minerals. It’s a rather rare stone, as Seraphinite is only found in the Lake Baikal region of Siberia, Russia. Russian mineralogist Nikolay Koksharov (1818-1892) is credited with its discovery in the Korshunovskoye iron skarn deposit in the Irkutskaya Oblast of Eastern Siberia.

Seraphinite, also known as “Silver Plume” Seraphinite, got its name because its beautiful dark green to gray color is enhanced by a silvery feathery shimmer caused by mica inclusions. Its name is derived from the Greek word “seraphim” which is an angelic being belonging to the very highest order of the nine fold celestial hierarchy & associated with light, ardor & purity. This unique chatoyancy of Seraphinite displays as shorter down-like feathery growths leading into longer "flight" feathers.

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Seraphinite

Seraphinite is a stone of spiritual enlightenment – Free info on healing properties and how to use with purchase – Free shipping over $60.

Seraphinite is a powerful stone of spiritual enlightenment and self-healing. It’s also an important stone for those working on the ascension process as it helps you achieve a high spiritual vibration.

Additional healing properties of Seraphinite include the following:

  • stimulates your Crown Chakra, opening you to loving Divine energy & light 
  • extremely powerful for making contact with the angelic realm & Devic nature kingdom spirits
  • particularly attuned to your Heart Chakra, helping you experience the greater awareness of the Divine Feminine
  • helps you to live from your heart, infusing your aura with vibrations of wholeness & well-being
  • excellent for meditation, especially when placed on your Third Eye Chakra
  • helps you to discover your place in our loving Universe especially if you feel that you lack purpose
  • helps you to review your progress in life & identify changes that would be helpful to put you on the path to peace & fulfillment
  • helps you to release old behaviours & thinking that no longer work in your best interests
  • helps you to feel joyful & able to cope with the pressures of life in a balanced, harmonious way
  • enhances social skills & helps you to have better relationships
  • helps you to resolve and reconcile conflicts with constructive compromises
  • brings all of your etheric bodies into alignment, clearing any energy blockages
  • stimulates the rise & flow of Kundalini energy, clearing & activating each Chakra
  • excellent for making out of body journeys, protecting your physical body while you are "gone"
  • can release muscle tension up into your neck
  • useful for overcoming chills or fevers & fighting off infections
  • treats the heart and lungs, cellular imbalances
  • strengthens the blood & delivery of nutrients to the cells
  • thought to be beneficial in decreasing the growth & reproduction of cancer cells
  • aids in detoxification, strengthening the liver & kidneys
  • helps your body to assimilate vitamins
  • stimulates your metabolism & promotes weight loss

Seraphinite for Sale

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