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The Best Stones for Addictions and Bad Habits

Set of the Best Stones for Addictions & Bad Habits for Sale

Other Stones for Addictions & Bad Habits for Sale

Set of the best stones for addictions and bad habits – Free info on properties of each stone and how to use with purchase – Free shipping over $60.

The set includes 10 of the best stones & crystals for addictions & bad habits.  You can carry any or all of them in your pocket, in a pouch around your neck, or even sleep with them beside your bed or under your pillow. Also included is a pamphlet on how to use and care for stones and crystals.

The Best Stones & Crystals for Addictions & Bad Habits

Amethyst is an extremely protective and powerful healing crystal that has a sobering effect on overindulgence and physical passions, supporting sobriety. It overcomes addictions and blockages of all kinds and helps you to feel focused and less scattered. Amethyst balances highs and lows, promotes emotional centering, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. It is also a very spiritual stone that promotes love of the Divine and spiritual wisdom ... more information about Amethyst

Carnelian - A stabilizing stone with high energy, Carnelian gives you the courage and support in making positive life choices. It helps you get to the bottom of what makes you tick and helps to overcome negative conditioning. Carnelian also helps you to clarify your goals and find your best direction in life. Stimulating motivation, ambition and drive, it will help you to manifest what you require to move on to your desired path forward in life. Carnelian helps you to be committed and determined and replaces negativity with a love of life ... more information about Carnelian

Chrysoprase instills a state of grace, giving you a sense of being part of the Divine oneness of life. It helps you to overcome compulsive or impulsive thoughts and behaviours and turn your attention to positive things. Helping you to align your ideals with your behaviour, Chrysoprase helps you to look at the motives of your ego in the past and present and how they’ve affected your development. It heals your inner Child, releasing emotions locked in since childhood and is excellent for relaxation and peaceful sleep. Giving you hope and personal insights, Chrysoprase draws out and enhances your given talents and is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity ... more information about Chrysoprase

Citrine - Said to carry the power of the sun, Citrine is an exceedingly beneficial stone that is warming and energizing.  Excellent for overcoming depression, fears and phobias, it also helps with destructive tendencies, negative traits and anger. Citrine imparts joy and releases negativity, helping you have a positive attitude and be emotionally balanced. It also raises your self-esteem & self-confidence and makes you less sensitive, especially to criticism ... more information about Citrine

Clear Quartz is a master healer that intensifies the energy of other crystals ... more information about Clear Quartz

Garnet is a powerful stone that is revitalizing and balancing. It dissolves ingrained behaviour patterns that no longer work in your best interests and also helps to remove inhibitions and things that hold you back in life. It gives you courage & hope, boosts your self-confidence. Garnet opens your Heart Chakra, inspiring love & devotion, and also cleanses & re-energizes all of your other Chakras … more information about Garnet

Hematite is a very protective and grounding stone that harmonizes your mind, body and spirit. It helps you to overcome compulsions & addictions, including over-eating, smoking and any other form of over-indulgence, and brings your attention to the unfulfilled desires that drive your life. Helping you to come to terms with mistakes you've made and learn from them, rather than considering them as disasters, Hematite also helps to remove self-limitations and grow ... more information about Hematite

Lepidolite is a stone that dispels any form of negativity and insists on being used for the highest good. It is excellent for overcoming any kind of emotional or mental dependency including obsessive thoughts. Lepidolite supports you in releasing addictions or ingrained bad habits of all kinds, including anorexia. Known as a “Stone of Transition", Lepidolite releases and reorganizes old psychological and behavioural patterns, inducing change and brings deep emotional healing. It tunes you into thoughts and feelings from other lives that are currently creating a blockage in your life ... more information about Lepidolite

Peridot is a powerful cleanser that protects your aura. It helps you to release negative patterns and helps you to let go of old baggage from your past such as burdens, guilt or obsessions. Encouraging you to forgive yourself, Peridot helps you to understand your destiny and spiritual purpose. It motivates growth and helps you to bring about changes necessary for your personal good. Peridot also shows you how to detach yourself from outside influences and look to your higher self for guidance, helping you to understand your destiny and spiritual purpose ... more information about Peridot

Tiger Eye - Because it combines the energy of both the sun and the earth, Tiger Eye is a “power stone” that has a high vibration that is both grounding, as well as helping to draw spiritual energies to earth. It supports an addictive person in making needed changes, balances yin yang energy and energizes your emotional body. Helping to heal issues of self-worth, self-criticism and blocked creativity, Tiger Eye helps you to recognize your talents and abilities as well as faults that need to be overcome. It is an excellent stone for anyone in a recovery program or is easily distracted, has ADD, manic/depressive, emotionally immature people, procrastinators, people in emotional turmoil. ... more information about Tiger Eye

Set of the Best Stones for Addictions & Bad Habits for Sale

Other Stones that are Good for Addictions & Bad Habits

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