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The Best Stones for Prosperity, Abundance and Business Success

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The Best Stones for Prosperity & Abundance

set-of-best-stones-for-prosperity-abundance.jpgThe set includes 11 of the best stones for prosperity & abundance.  You can carry them in your pocket, purse or wallet, in a pouch around your neck, or in the cash drawer of your business. You can also place them under your pillow, beside your bed or in the Feng Shui Wealth corner of your house (or any room) which is the farthest left corner from your front door.

Amethyst is beneficial for legal problems & money issues, which can lead to prosperity & abundance. Helps you to think clearly, assimilate new ideas & put them into practice. Helps you to make good decisions, providing common sense balanced with spiritual insights more info about Amethyst

Carnelian motivates you to be successful both in business & personal matters. Stimulates your analytical capabilities. Clarifies your perception & sharpens your concentration. Dispels mental laziness. Stimulates creativity, inquisitiveness & initiative. Excellent for job interviews more info about Carnelian

Citrine teaches you how to manifest and attract wealth & prosperity, success & all good things. Imparts joy, releases negativity. Helps you to have a positive attitude. Helps you to express yourself. Improves your motivation. Helps with intuition & creativity more info about Citrine

Clear Quartz is a master healer that intensifies the energy of other crystals ... more info about Clear Quartz 

Green Aventurine is a positive stone of prosperity that also helps you to persevere & make good decisions. Reinforces your leadership qualities & decisiveness. Balances your intellect & emotions. Helps you see & recognize alternatives and different possibilities, especially those that come from others more info about Green Aventurine 

Green Moss Agate attracts abundance. Helps you see the beauty in all you behold. A stone of new beginnings that strengthens your positive personality traits & improves your self-esteem. Helps you to access your intuition, yet also be practical more info about Green Moss Agate

Jade attracts good luck & friendship. A symbol of purity & serenity, it is also very protective. Stimulates ideas &d makes tasks seem less complex so that you want to act upon them immediately instead of procrastinating. Helps you to become who you really are & recognize that you are a spiritual being on a human journey. Helps you to be self-suffiicient more info about Jade

Pyrite is a very positive stone that helps you to tap into your abilities & potential. Extremely protective & energizing. Stimulates the flow of ideas & very helpful when planning large business concepts. Helps you to see behind a façade & be diplomatic. Boosts your self-worth, self-confidence & esteem. Helps with memory more info about Pyrite

Sunstone is traditionally linked to the benevolent gods, good luck & fortune. A joyful, light inspiring stone that instills a joy of life & good nature. Facilitates self-empowerment, independence & vitality. Helps you to overcome procrastination and be optimistic & enthusiastic more info about Sunstone

Tiger’s Eye is a power stone of abundance that is also very protective. Shows you how to use your power wisely & brings out your integrity. Helps you to have clear intentions & manifest what you are thinking more info about Tiger’s Eye

Tourmaline attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance & prosperity. Increases your self-confidence & diminishes your fears. Forms a protective shield around your body. Clears & balances all of your Chakras so that you are well-balanced energetically. Turns negative energy into positive more info about Tourmaline

Buy the set of Best Stones for Prosperity & Abundance

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