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The Best Stones for Protection

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Set of the best stones for protection come with an organza pouch, info on each stone and how to use & care for - Free shipping over $60.

Set of the Best Stones for Protection

The set includes the following best stones for protection.  You can carry them in your pocket, purse or wallet, or in a pouch around your neck. You can also place them under your pillow or beside your bed.

Amethyst - an extremely powerful & protective stone. Gives stability, strength & peace. Blocks geopathic stress & negative environmental energies. Place a piece of amethyst in a car's glove compartment or keep one in your purse or pocket for safe travels. Calms passion & anger.  Helps with decision-making.  Excellent for addictions. Alleviates sadness & grief ... more info about Amethyst

Black Obsidian - strongly protective, forming a shield against negativity. Blocks negative spiritual influences & psychic attack. Very grounding, Disperses unloving thoughts, provides support during change. Shows you how to heal destructive & dis-empowering conditions ... more info about Black Obsidian 

Black Tourmaline protects you against cell phones, radiation, electromagnetic smog, psychic attack, ill-wishing & negative energies of all kinds. Grounding, increases your physical vitality. Alleviates tension & stress. Defends against debilitating disease, strengthens your immune system ... more info about Black Tourmaline

Bloodstone - a powerful healer with the ability to banish evil & negativity and to direct spiritual energies. An excellent grounding & protecting stone. Gives you courage & teaches you how to avoid dangerous situations by strategic withdrawal & flexibility. A powerful revitalizer that helps you to adjust to new circumstances ... more info about Bloodstone 

Clear Quartz - a Master Healer and a powerful healing tool that amplifies the energy of other crystals... more info about Clear Quartz

Chiastolite - also known as the Cross Stone. A powerfully protective stone that was used in ancient times to ward off ill wishing & curses. Transforms conflict into harmony. Drives out negative thoughts & feelings. Releases old patterns & conditioning that no longer benefit you. Helps you with problem solving & change ... more info about Chiastolite

Hematite - especially effective at grounding & protecting, especially anyone in the military. Protects your soul during out of body journeying. Dissolves negativity & protects your aura from negative energies. Harmonizes your mind, body & spirit. Beneficial for legal matters ... more info about Hematite

Jade - more info about Jade

Jet - used as a protective talisman for thousands of years. Draws out negative energy. Extremely protective. Alleviates unreasonable fears. Guards against violence & illness. Protects you during spiritual journeys. Helps you to be in control of your life. Stabilizes finances & protects businesses ... more about Jet

Labradorite - highly mystical & protective stone, a bringer of light. Deflects unwanted energies from your aura. Forms a barrier to negative energies. Banishes your fears & insecurities. Helps you let go of psychic “garbage” from your past. Strengthens your faith in yourself & trust in a loving Universe. Supports you in change ... more info about Labradorite

Pyrite - a very protective stone & an excellent energy shield. Wards off negative vibrations on both physical & emotional levels. Blocks negative energy & pollutants at all levels, including infectious disease. Shields you from physical danger. Boosts your energy, overcomes fatigue ... more info about Pyrite 

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